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Flower Show – Winners of Gold Medal / National Dahlia Society – Silver and Bronze Medals

Our Dahlia's

Decorative Classes Flower Names/Types
Giant / Large Decorative: Sir Alf Ramsey [lilac], Hamari Gold [gold], Kenora Valentive [red]
Medium Decorative: Dikara Moon [yellow], Alfs Mascot [white], Avcado Amanda, Rycroft Rebel
Small Decorative: Ruskin Diane [yellow], Rycroft Brenda T [white]
Miniature Decorative: Dikara Superb [pink], Karenglen [light red], Steffi Graf [white]
Ball Classes Flower Names/Types
Small Ball: Westerton Folloy [lilac], Softer Gleam [biscuit], Rosendale Hero [yellow]
Miniature Ball: Megan Dean [lilac], Lady in Red [red]
Cactus Classes Flower Names/Types
Giant Large Cactus: Trooper Dan [yellow], Kenora Challenger [white], Janal Amy [yellow]
Medium Semi Cactus: Susan Carey, Susan Gilliot [pink], Grenidor Pastelle [salmon/pink], Duncan Edwards [red], Primrose Pastelle [lemon], Pink Pastelle [pink] Clearview Tammy [white]
Small / Semi Cactus: Ruskin Lisa [salmon], Cherwell Goldcrest [gold], Oakwood Goldcrest [yellow], Lemon Ellegans [yellow], Ruskin Andrea [purple/white], Embrace [orange]
Miniature Cactus: Spanish Dancer [red and yellow]
Other Classes Flower Names/Types
Finbracated Dahlia: Terrie Bandey [orange], Jean Ellen, White Lace
PomPom: Hallmark [light pink], Irish Glow [red], Leslies Willow [lilac]
Collerete: Susan Gilbert [yellow]
Water Lily Dahlia's: Cameo [cream], Bracken Ballerina [pale pink], Tarahati Ruby [red], Sheps Memory [orange]
Single & Garden Varieties: New for 2018

Cuttings and Tubers Supplied to Order (Collection Only)
All cuttings supplied as mini plants £2 each. Tubers from £5 onwards.

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